Lampeter Beekeepers’ Association

Welcome to the website of Lampeter and District Beekeepers Association.

Our Association covers the area in and around Lampeter in the county of Ceredigion. Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding of honey bees and beekeeping within our area by means of training, support and advice for members of the public and our own membership.

So if you feel like finding out more about beekeeping, Contact us through the website and get started on a whole new adventure.

What’s On

The next Lampeter Beekeepers’ Association Beginners’ Course will run from 11th February to 25th March 2025.


What is the best way to start keeping Bees ? What do I do if I have found a swarm?


Swarm Help

Confirm that you have a honey bee swarm and not other insects such as bumblebees or wasps.