About Us

The Lampeter & District Beekeepers’ Association covers the area in and around Lampeter in the Welsh county of Ceredigion.

​The Association was founded in the late 1940s / early 1950s when, after the war, a number of Polish people settled in the area and, amongst these new arrivals, were some keen beekeepers. The early Association used to hold its meetings in the old Polish Social Centre in Lampeter. We currently have over 78 members, with a membership consisting of a mix of beekeepers of many years of experience (some of whom remember joining the Association in the 1970s) and those at the very start of their beekeeping journey, all sharing the ups and downs of life as a beekeeper.

​Our aim as an Association is to provide an understanding of honey bees and beekeeping within the Lampeter area, by means of training, support and advice to our members and also to members of the public through our attendance at local events, giving talks for local groups and providing information and resources on our web site.

​Starting in September each year, the Association holds monthly meetings for members, from April onwards all members can attend the weekly Sunday afternoon sessions at our apiary, and we celebrate the end of another successful beekeeping year (we hope!) with our annual Christmas dinner.

We also aim to encourage both new and experienced beekeepers to join the Association and take advantage of the many benefits membership brings. To this end, each year we run a full Beginners’ Course which runs from March onwards.

Members interested in further training are offered assistance in preparing for the basic certificate in beekeeping and the modular theory and practical exams administered by the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association.

Lampeter & District Beekeepers Association is affiliated to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association. Visit their website for other beekeepers’ associations across Wales.